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Hello everyone! I've decided to make a Sean Hayes community, he is THE best actor after all and deserves this for making us all laugh for the past 6 years now on Will and Grace. This is a cool place to discuss ANYTHING about this very beautifuly georgous man!

1. PLEASE DON'T JOIN IF YOU... must poop on all our parade about l0ving Sean, i will come after you if you do..... (if your lucky) (lol!)

2. Leave comments for everyone this isnt really a rule, but i think that everyone would apriciate it a whole lot!

3. Have fun! dont leave anything out as far as comments and feeling towards this wonderful man and all of his work that he's shared with us all so far! ESPECIALLY....new things that he's going to do or appearences that he will be making in the future! i know you hate it when you miss something about Sean, I do!