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You asked for it...

I love Sean Hayes/Jack McFarland! No I am a male, but Jack is the main reason I watch Will & Grace. I don't laugh the way I used to, but I feel WAG (my acronym for the show after what Karen said in ep 8x03 "The Old Man at the Sea", and after reading Wallace & Grommit articles w/W&G as the acronym) has one thing other sitcoms don't - it shows how gays can be accepted in society. I feel Jack shows that the best, so what if he acts feminine? Who says that's b/c he's gay! I am a 16-year-old heterosexual male, and I carry a purse to school, I use pink to do projects, I watch "magical girl shows", and I recently applied for a job at a beauty store! I feel if there's something wrong w/gays, there is something wrong w/straights! WAG is the best sitcom ever, best comedy ever, and the best live action show ever IMO b/c of Sean! The only way to make a better one would be to make one about the acceptance of cripples and the disabled in society!

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